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Every once in a while I scan the PlayStation Store for new titles to try out. Incredible as it may seem, fewer and fewer developers are prone to publish demos of their operas, often opting for beta testing (with pre-order required …) instead. This time, though, I find a few titles capable of giving you a short break from your daily routine, one of them is reviewed here today.

Developed by RANDOMSPIN-GAMES, Horror Stories is a casual indie game with an easy-to-learn arcade mechanic where your character, locked inside a closed arena, is trying to escape a deadly foe. The only stage available in the demo is a haunted house where the iconic Leatherface relentlessly keeps searching for you with his chainsaw.

In the picture above, objects outlined in cyan are hiding places, the ones in green are traps. Scattered across the stage there are objects to pick up (max one at the time). Each object is related to one of the traps so the mechanics are: while avoiding to get spotted by the enemy get one of the objects and couple it with the relevant trap. This process takes time since you will have to reach the trap and hold the “X” button for the time needed to load it. Interrupting the process (e.g. when the enemy is getting closer) will force you to start all over, so you need to plan in advance what you do.

Once the trap is activated proceed for the next one. In the meantime your foe will be scanning the entire place, often moving close to the trap. If this happens, he will be struck and a fair amount of his life bar will be gone.

At the initial stages, the enemy will die after three hits, but it is fair to suspect that at higher levels things won’t be that easy. As said, the game sports very simple mechanics, but for just 1,99Eu it gives back what it asks for, so you might wanna give it a try. For your convenience, I linked a little gameplay video taken from PS Indie Paradise YouTube channel. Enjoy.



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