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Born from the pencil of mangaka Hirohiko Araki, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series of mangas that covers different storylines of the Joestar family, a fictitious family whose members are deemed (cursed?) to take down supernatural enemies using unique psychic powers.
Sometimes these semi-physical manifestations of such powers are called “Stands“, since they resemble a spiritual familiar standing next to the character.

Arcing over 8 different parts, each one bearing a different storyline, the manga was serialized from 1987 to 2004 and had been ported to anime and videogame more than once. Each part actually deals with a member of the Joestar family, hence the abbreviation “JoJo“.

As far as I know the first incarnation into a game dates back to arcade machines in 1998 in the form of a 2D brawler made by Capcom. Now, 20 years after this first appearance (the game came actually out last June), a completely new 2-vs-2 fighting game has hit our beloved PS4. Despite ones may not be very fond of these kinds of games I believe you got to love JoJo since the author built this product (the manga, I mean) with a very particular technique that mixes realistic style with surreal colors. Araki, as a matter of fact, clearly stated that he took his inspiration from painter Paul Gauguin. See, Mama? This is ART, thank you!

Anyway, the House of Joestar is back with a new fast-paced action/fighting game, where developing a common strategy to overwhelm your opponent is the key to victory.

JoJo’s: Eyes of Heaven is an original story that spans over generations and where all the members of the Joestar Family are joining forces to unravel a terrible mystery and discover the “Truth”! More than 50 characters are present and coming from the 8 chapters of the story.

The open stages will allow for cooperative battles, where even jumping from rooftop to rooftop bears strategic relevance in the economy of battle. Different modes are available, from the classic Story Mode to the Free Battles. So hop on board, customize your character and fight. You will enjoy it!

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5 thoughts on “A Look At JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Demo

  1. Looks good. Very different defo gonna give it a shot.

    Not like the terrible anthem demo, what a waste of disk space, were did it go so wrong…….

      1. I do agree on the waste of space, but it didn’t feel so bad to me. I actually enjoyed the demo, even if I won’t buy the full game (at least for the time being). What’s your point, guys?

  2. The game had some potential, and I got the hang of the mechanics pretty quick. With that being said, the game didn’t hook me even though I really wanted it to. I kind of liked it better than Destiny and the game does have a destiny feel to it. It’s no buy for me, at least for now.

  3. I only know the third part of “JoJo”. And I was very enthusiastic about Jotaro’s story.
    JoJo’s fighting game of the PlayStation version was really wonderful.
    “Anubis” and “Yellow Temperance” are also available! It’s awesome!

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