It is not often that i find rare collectables and yet i managed to find two of them this summer. This article covers my now precious ESO Imperial Edition box, a collectable i pre-ordered ages ago but was cancelled by Gamestop for reasons i will not go into here (read, they messed up).


Yet again my “picture table” feels small due to the size of the Imperial Edition box, i have not measured it nor weighed it yet but i can safely say that it is both huge and heavy.

The pictures above is placed in the same position as all the other pictures i take for the site/collection and as you can clearly tell, the box is frickin huge.

I like the look of it too, it looks nice when placed at the shelf, although it is too heavy (and big) for most shelves i have so i managed to squeeze it in between my Defiance and Witcher 3 boxes for now.


This is the first thing you saw when you open the box, doesn’t look too spectacular right? well, just you wait.

The space inside the box has not been all that good used but they have certainly made sure it would at least look good, nice stiff cardboard and soft fabric help making the box feel like a proper collectable.


The figurine, OMG it is so cool, the details are impeccable, the design and style too. This is definitely one of the best looking ones i have come across in a game box.

The material and design make it come to life, scary figurine too and one that most likely would look fantastic next to my Dying Light figurine.


In one hand it holds a human with a sword, the details here, i have no words.


I decided to use a bit of camera trickery with a proper lens for these shots, this picture shows why i decided to do just that, the depth helped a lot of pictures but this one is most likely the best of them all.


Another angle from the 2 pictures above, amazing details and yes it is not just painted.


Not the best picture, argh! sometimes hard to see the result right away and since i do pictures and then when done i go to the computer and upload them to the gallery here on the blog.

The picture above shows the weapon and its details, really nice looking and well crafted.


This one shows the back of the monster, long tail, quite reminiscent of Alien actually.

Impeccable details.


This is the posture of the figurine, it screams power, fear and evil.

If you wonder why the figurine looks like it ain’t attached to the ground, well that is because it is barely connected. I never connect these pins properly on this kind of things, this is because of if i want to put them back into the box again, these pins snap easily if you try to disconnect them.

Ok, the figurine has now been covered, of to the rest then…


The usual inlay cards, a PSN code for something bonus stuff and a small leaflet showing some important details or something (?).

Of course, a map is included, how much the map will help while playing the game is beyond me as i have yet to play the game… That said, the map looks useless for a game map but it is pure gold as a collectable item.

The artbook as always is the thing i want the most in this kind of boxes, figurines etc is of course great stuff too but they’re merely a bonus.

The Artbook, 244 pages of graphical goodness.

The 12 pictures above was just random ones i took, one day i want to scan all my art books and put them online, that day might not happen but i will try to do it. (Anyone knows if there is such a website on the net?).

Ok, so with these pictures of the steel box ends this article. This box along with several others this year will be cherished for years to come and it is almost like if i should put all in a box and hide them away for 2 decades or more. I am sure the value will be quite high as time passes by.

Thanks for your time.

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1 thought on “A Look At: The Elder Scrolls Online Collectible

  1. Awesome pics, there! I need to learn to do the same in my articles! 🙂

    NIce collector’s edition. Are you sure you won’t need a bigger home soon? LOL!

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