A Look At The Uncharted 4 Special Edition & The Collector Edition


Most gamers out there have heard of Uncharted, and many of them have them high on their most loved games list.

This article is of course about Uncharted 4, the fifth game in the series about Nathan Drake and his fantastic journeys.

This time around I decided to get both of the special releases, the Special Edition and the Collectors Edition, if that was a wise decision or not remains to be seen.

Uncharted 4 Collectors Edition is definitely the largest Uncharted box so far (at least for me). The box is well designed, great quality and the art direction will make it stand out in my collection.

The box is pretty neutral, just like Uncharted 3 was, no explosions or whatever, just a symbol etc.


The Steelbook, on the other hand, is simply gobsmacking, really good art and a very “movie like” cover, yes maybe it is a bit too much “70’s – 80’s”, but hey!, I like that style.

I have to wonder why the big box doesn’t look like this?

The disc inside is just the plain normal release one, some DLC codes included which hold some exclusive Collector’s Edition stuff and some that are only included in LE, SE and CE versions.


Stickers, so, I got some stickers last year in the Uncharted trilogy and I have yet to open them, I guess I never will even if I got two sets of them.

Stickers look like a good idea until you use them, that’s my opinion.

Games in the 80’s and 90’s that was bundled with stickers go for pretty good sums these days, that is if the stickers etc are still intact of course.


Artbook! , Steelbook, ok this looks like it will be one heck of a box right?

The artbook is good looking, but it is only A5 sized and consists of very few pages.

A really surprising move because these type of big collector items go for full-sized artbooks normally.

I have a feeling that this book is just a – mini version – of a full sized and full-priced book, I mean, this is what they did with The Uncharted trilogy book too.

I will definitely buy such a book when I see one in person, but I find it sad that such an expensive collectable like this one has a mini edition of the artbook.


Figurine!, the one included shows Nathan Drake running while reaching for his gun.

Really good details, everything feels solid and of great quality. The posture of the figurine is well chosen and in my opinion a perfect one too because you see this move like a million times in the game.

The figurine pictured from all sides.

Attention to details you say? look at the small details here.  They must have spent a lot of time on doing all these skin, bone/muscle touches.

Every detail is there, look at the watch, the gun, the holster, the belt buckle and even the ring.

It is almost like you expect to find stuff in his pockets, or real ammo in his gun, or the clock ticking.

Some more close-ups of the figurine, it is these things I love taking pictures of, not bums! I mean details!.

I never expect a figurine to be perfect, sometimes they are just “ok”, sometimes awesome and very rare you find something like the amazing Elder Scrolls Online figurine.

This Nathan Drake figurine is sadly not amazing, it is good, maybe even awesome but it is not one of the best ones.

What? yup this is all there was in the box, no art cards, postcards or whatever.

09I should not complain though, the quality of the stuff inside this box is good, very good and even though it could have been better then I have no idea what it should have been.

This Collectors edition comes close to something big, but it is missing that “OMG” and therefore ends up stumbling a bit at the finish line.

The box has not got any number on it, the figurine is also not numbered so there ain’t a way to know how many of these things exist.  Uncharted 2 and 3 figurines are rare and very sought after so let’s see what happens with this one then…..


Don’t go just yet, there’s more.


Yup, Uncharted 4 Special Edition, I decided to get this one too on launch due to its box design and that it might end up as rare quickly (read “overpriced”).

The box design is identical to Bloodborne and The Nathan Drake Collection, so this is a nice addition to the collection.


I actually like this box more than the huge one from the Collectors Edition, yes I know it is more or less identical, but some stuff just looks better when it is smaller (or bigger).

It is obvious that they haven’t just selected a random cardboard box factory, the quality is as with the C.E edition, awesome!.

Do you recognize these? , yes, they are indeed identical to the ones in the Collectors Edition, what the hell?, the artbook is the same too, strange how they did not put the figurine in there too (hehe).

So, they went the cheap way with the artbook for sure then, both editions have the same one.


So here you can see “all” the stuff in the Special Edition box, identical to the C.E one bar the box.

What a letdown, it feels like I was being punished for getting both versions here, why on earth ain’t there a special thing in this 07edition?, I mean, yes it might be special to those who only got the standard edition, but still?.

Will, I ever sell these?, I doubt it.

Anything Uncharted is a win, these 2 boxes are worth my money no matter what, but my scores (a 9 and a 7) reflects my disappointment.


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3 thoughts on “A Look At The Uncharted 4 Special Edition & The Collector Edition

  1. I finished the story last week. Great game. I’m considering doing an article on it, if time permits.
    Now I wanna go for some trophy hunting but, most of all, I want to replay the entire game to search for all the treasures and documents that I missed on the first run.

    Game on!

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