Turrican II is a shoot ’em up and platformer game for Amiga developed by Factor 5 and published by Rainbow Arts in 1991. It was a direct sequel of the widely acclaimed title and one (if not THE one) that made the Amiga famous in the shooters’ genre. Developed for OCS and ECS architectures, it sported magnificent graphics, improved sounds and addictive gameplay.

As Martin Grundy says, quoting CU magazine that awarded the game an astonishing 94% in April 1991: All the addictive shoot ’em up action that made the first game so enjoyable has been retained, yet somehow this new version seems fresh and different. The re-jigged weapons and smarter aliens make for a real challenge, and it is never frustrating or too easy. in all, Turrican II is a perfect follow-up to the super original. It is a game that any self-respecting shoot ’em up fan should own. 

Turrican II was available for many different platforms: Commodore CDTV, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and others, but is definitely better played on the Amiga. Despite published 30 years ago, it bears a great replay value even today so, if you haven’t done it yet, why not retrieving a copy of it for a nice match or two?

Text and inspiration taken from Martin Grundy calendars; pictures courtesy of LemonAmiga.

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