This is the first time that I have heard of Vasara and most likely yours too and now thanks to QUByte Interactive we can finally try it on our Console of choice.

The Vasara games used to be Arcade exclusives and on top of that only available in Japan and therefore not all that known, funny thing though is that they ain’t all that old either as both of these Vertical Shoot Em Up’s are less than 20 years old.

Strictly Limited released this boxed collector’s editions a while back and to be honest I never thought it was a shoot ’em up when I saw the pre-order campaign and therefore missed out on this one as it sold out quickly and there won’t be any reprints as usual.

There’s probably lots to say about the game but the features listed are:

  • Contains the games VASARA 1 and VASARA 2
  • Remade with various enhancements, improvements and more content!
  • Timeless mode (Nintendo Switch, PS4)
  • Up to 4-Player Co-Op (Nintendo Switch, PS4)
  • Up to 2-Player Co-OP (PS Vita TV)
  • Tate / Vertical Mode
  • Multiple Endings
  • Easy Mode

The best part here is that you got the wonderful option to play in TATE mode, this basically means flip the TV vertically to get a fullscreen mode, even better is that this mode is on both PS4 and Vita/PS TV.

The worst part though is that the awesome Timeless mode ain’t present on the Vita version, the timeless version is a 3D’ish reworked version of the two games which is the one I have played the most so far on the PS4 version.

The timeless version supports up to 4 players Local multiplayer, luckily this works (as with all PS4 games) with PlayShare so you can always invite your online buddies in for a 2 player online co-op match if you want! (yes, this is an invite Roar so let’s see if you notice it 😀 )

The original games do look quite old compared to the timeless mode but here you got a story and more lives and continues, these two games are hard but far from impossible but they certainly feel old in terms of how they look and play, really struggle to understand that these games are from the early 2000s.

The graphics might look old but they are fun to play, the enemies seem to randomly spawn with no system to it but once you have spent enough time on it then you will see that there’s a system to it all.


Bullet hell much? , well yes sometimes but for some reason not as much as I’d feared it would have with it being an exclusive Japanese shoot em up from the early 2000s. Vasara collection is less than 10 euro/dollar in digital form and is well worth it if you are into these type of games, a strong sale might lead to more of these games later on for sure and by the looks of things it seems the Brazilian developer QUByte Interactive is more than qualified to work on let’s say a Raiden Classic Collection or the likes.


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