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A few months ago I published an article about a very old manga called Alita. The reason behind it was the re-issuing of a cyberpunk masterpiece by mangaka Yukito Kishiro that made me dream of a possible game taken from this saga.

Despite the fact that an Alita game did exist during the PSX era, there is currently no plan for such a game but, against all odds, an Alita live-action movie is currently being made and is due by Summer 2018.

Despite being a live action movie it features a “synthetic” Alita since the main character is actually a full CGI render. The reason behind it is because the authors, from producer James Cameron to the movie director Robert Rodriguez, wanted to preserve the manga appearance of Alita, with her peculiar big eyes…

Someone said that more than manga-like, this Alita looks pretty “doped”, but I’m sure there must be a reason behind this choice, so just let’s wait and see.

Personally, I never trust these kinds of productions that much for the simple fact that, coming from a saga (the original manga is 9 volumes long), they all tend to rush things into the limited movie time-span (roughly 2 hours) thus resulting in an unfinished business. There is often no place neither for introspection nor for an elaborate plot, so what sometimes comes out is just a soulless, albeit action-packed, blockbuster.

Nonetheless, this time things could be different since the 20th Century Fox put together not only a great producer and a great director, but also the outstanding Austrian actor Christoph Waltz (“Inglourious Bastards”, just to name one of his movies) and the wildly acclaimed Jennifer Connelly.

So, for once, things could be different and, if you missed it, here is the official Alita trailer.

I surely hope that this movie turns out to be a great one or, if this is the case, the start of a new saga. Having read the manga I believe that Alita is back with a vengeance and she is here to stay. Will I be right? Only time will tell.

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