AmigaOS4 finally pegged in my house!


I finally managed to buy a Pegasos2 board earlier this week ,the peg2 board has been the best motherboard in the Amiga Biz for many years and as many Amiga users already know, the board was exclusive to MorphOS which is the main competitor to AmigaOS4 but things have changed and while that was 2-3 years ago now i still never got around to buy one.

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As shown on the picture, the peg2 isn’t actually state of the art but back in the mid 2000’s the board was very impressive compared the other Amiga and clone boards and while compared to the PC’s and mac’s of the time it still held up nicely as it ran on the ultra-responsive MorphOS instead of the slow windows and mac os’s of the day.

I will install MorphOS 3.x and OS4.1 on it this weekend i hope, i have no idea how to set up a dual boot on it but i guess i will manage it somehow.

I am looking forward to trying the MorphOS exclusives even though i am not sure where to actually buy them anymore…. (maybe at Vesalia…)

My A1XE G4, Sam440 and MicroA1 boards will still be in my collection but won’t use much for a while until i move to a bigger place.

The X1k board is the best board (both specs and performance) these days (since 2011) but that board costs 10 times as much as the price i got the peg2 board for and the x1k machines is really difficult to find as they keep selling out!.

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