Every now and then we get new exclusive games on the Amiga, sadly a lot of them tend to be puzzlers and while many love them and i am among them i still think we need other categories soon.

G.E.M.Z is a puzzler with a story which is quite uncommon these days for simple puzzle games and while the story is the usual “Save the Princess”, i still think it’s nice to have one.

The story is well crafted with some nice art style and wonderful music.

The game holds way too much good music for such a standard-fare game.

The gameplay is fair enough and as seen in the screenshot, you have a frame of “Gemz” and you have to remove everything inside of that frame in the screenshot, you can spot 1 yellow gem(z), so you have to remove that to complete the level.

Just tick the yellow on the left of it and it will fly over and wipe the yellow one inside the frame, easy as that.

— Screenshot gone…

here is a little harder one to crack hehe, i kinda just hit stuff to create a screenshot…

There are several hundred levels and on top of that, it’s got a randomizer if you need more.

The game is now out on a wide range of platforms so just about everyone on the entire planet should be able to play it and at least enjoy the awesome music.

Sadly this game does not have the Amiboing achievement system either (WHY ain’t Amiboing opening the system up to every developer out there is beyond me) nor does it have online leaderboards so i somewhat lost interest rather fast, don’t ask me why but i think achievement is a great idea and same with online leaderboards.

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