I received a mail from the guy behind the Babylonian Twins project a while ago now (a month ago…)  and the mail basically asked if we could try and help to get more people in on the mailing list to (basically) motivate him to kickstart the project.

The version will be multi-format and one of the versions will be the original Amiga version which they started (and supposedly finished) back in the 90s.

Babylonian Twins was supposed to have been released 10 years ago too but instead of just releasing it they went and did a mobile phone/iOS remake instead and then totally ignored the Amiga community afterwards (which have left a lot of people pissed off i might add).

I have attached the whole mail below and i can only recommend on the behalf of the community that we need more quality Amiga game releases and to sign up on his mailing list, it is after all “only” a mailing list and nothing contractually binding in any sense for us.

The Kickstarter will only happen if there is enough people signing up to the list but even with enough people on it still might mean that the Kickstarter won’t go through as it depends on the backing goal and so on of course.

I say we should go for it, take the risk of ending up on the list and maybe even support the Kickstarter if and when it happens and then, in the end, we might have a new (old) spanking game on our Amiga again.

I decided to postpone the article a bit due to all the noise on various forums etc, so this is more of an attempt to get the announcement out now that everything has calmed down a bit again… or has it?  

Full Mail attached below:

Hello ,

This is Rabah, the game creator. You are receiving this email because you have subscribed to Babylonian Twins Amiga mailing list.

I would like to first thank you for all your support since the game came public on Youtube in 2007. Your support not only gave me the motivation to launch the mobile remake, but also helped in getting the story behind the game’s development out, shedding the light on the situation we lived under the sanctions in Iraq back in the 90s.

I have been receiving many emails urging me to get the original game out, but only now I think I have the plan, the tools and most importantly the bandwidth to do this.

First some context, as most of you probably already know, developing Babylonian Twins under an economic sanctions was not an easy project. As with most indie developers, part of my motivation back then was financial, but for reasons beyond my control, including the sanctions and the demise of Commodore, the game was never published.

In 2009, when I decided to do the mobile remake, my motivation was also partly financial. I was hoping to recoup my previous loss and make enough revenue to help me continue my passion of building great games. But unfortunately, despite all the publicity the game received, the revenues didn’t even cover the expenses of the remake. In fact the loss was even greater since I had to leave my job back then to completely focus on the game. 

We are now 10 years away from 2007 and I think the tools to achieve both financial reward and fulfill the promise to the retro Amiga community are there. It also just happens that I have some bandwidth now to give this project some dedication. 

I am basically planning to do a Kickstarter for the project. The Kickstarter deliverable will include the full original Amiga game (5 complete stages) in a collector packaging and in digital format. It will also include a desktop (PC/Mac and probably Linux) version of the retro edition. The desktop version will be a port, and unlike the current remake, it will use the exact graphics, music, sounds and maps of the original Amiga version. 

I am writing to you because I need your support. To make this Kickstarter project a success we need some initial momentum. Currently, we only have 230 subscribers on this list. If every one of you convinced 3 friends to join by end of this month, we will hit 1000 supporters and that will probably be enough to kickstart a successful funding campaign in November. You can simply forward this email to your friends.

If you have any question or suggestion, you can reach out at contact@babyloniantwins.com


Will this be the last we hear about Babylonian Twins?.

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