After two years spent replaying the same missions over and over again, it was finally time for something fresh. The first Star Wars: Battlefront was a blast as far as environment and general mood went but, despite DICE made clear from the start that a single-player campaign was out of the scope of the game, players really complained about the lack of this game mode, until the devs announced Battlefront II.

Thank God, sometimes publishers and developers do listen to players so, after an intense period of coding, a brand new episode of the saga hit the stores 3 days ago, this time featuring a full-fledged solo-campaign.

The game core is still based on pure multiplayer action but, for the time being, I will only concentrate on the single-player campaign, leaving the multiplayer stuff for a second article.

The story is set right before the end of Episode VI where you start the game as Iden, an elite Imperial special forces soldier, at the dawn of the last battle that should bring the Rebellion to the end.

Oops! Now what?

Despite what the Emperor thought, things turned out in a very different way, so now you and your team are left alone on Endor’s surface, seeking a way out.

Let’s take off!

While the plot unfolds, players will have the chance to experiment different game mechanics, ranging from stealth movement to direct assault, air to air combat and deep space combat.

I guess the Death Star is gone …

During the campaign player will also have the chance to play with different characters, both on the Dark and the Light side, thus experiencing and a wide range of feelings and situations. Playing in the shoes of Luke Skywalker is always great stuff.

As said, the plot bridges from Episode VI to Episode VII, so players will also have the chance to impersonate a still-young Han Solo, which has already moved to Takodana.

Did I mention that you will be able to fly the Millenium Falcon?

And guess what, some old tricks still work!

Pimp my ride ??

I will avoid further details to avoid any spoiler, but please allow me to say that the campaign is very well done (IMHO), with new characters, a compelling story and a lot of different situations to live. The environments are awesome and space battles are always overwhelming.

The story will bring our characters to Jakku and beyond and, once finished, it will leave you hungry for more: new challenges, new difficulties level, new collectables to find but, above all, the will to explore every crack and crevice of the expanded Star Wars universe.

Full throttle and nose up. To the stars and beyond!

Owning an Early Access copy of the game I have experienced the solo campaign for a week already, and I must admit that it was a very pleasant surprise. I will delve into the multiplayer mode in the very next future but, for the moment, let me get back to the story. I really like it a lot!

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