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I posted an article about Super Stardust HD a few days ago and there were a few guys there who ranted about it being nothing like the Amiga original and that the name is the only thing that connects the games together.  Thanks to those of you out there who questioned the series as it motivated me to do this post.


Proper screenshots have been hard to dig up and i wish i had thought of this earlier and just grabbed my own ones (like i normally do), but these will have to do for now. (collection/boxed pictures belongs to me and my collection tho).

First of all, the picture above is from the first game in the series – Stardust and there are a few things about this game that is different from the other games in the series and that is :

  • Animated backgrounds.  Not a big deal as it is just small things.
  • The weapon system is on a separate menu and there are more weapons than the other games in the series.
  • Bonus missions, a maze type game.


The graphics are quite similar to the other games in the series, it is asteroids and some of the bosses is actually the same boss although a limited version of it compared to the later games in the series.


There are a few things that are only in the first 2 games and not in the Playstation series like:

  • The menu system for progress and loading to the next level etc.
  • Tunnel system, warp like tunnels where you fly and shoot enemies.
  • Bonus missions, you fly around various challenges type of things, works great.
  • Intro’s, the best intro is from the first game in my opinion.
  • Static levels and backgrounds (only for normal levels, not bonus ones).
  • Intro, fully animated rendered intro.
  • Star Wars type of scroller to tell the story.





The sequel came a little bit over a year after the first game and it was a huge upgrade from the already excellent first game, the sequel was AGA only and in higher resolution which made it look much better than the first game.

maxresdefault (1)


There was more to it also, Super Stardust was a much easier game as the first one was hellishly difficult and while this one is easier it is still hard yet very rewarding.

There are a few new touches in this game too that wasn’t in any of the other games in the series:

  • Dual Layer tunnels, made it look even better than before.
  • Difficulty level lowered.
  • Some of the bosses from the first game are gone and replaced with better bosses.
  • Weapon system.
  • HDD Install.
  • Loading screen with music and stuff to read.
  • Bonus missions, more added and better looking !.



My Stardust games have been heavily used and played so they’re pretty worn, shame but hey! i play my games, always have and always will…

So over to the things all games in the series have in common:

  • The Name.
  • The Music.
  • Boss design.
  • Asteroids.
  • Spinners.
  • worms
  • followers
  • bombers
  • Flamer, Ice, and Sheild.
  • Levels, planets design is the same, even the final level is.
  • The developers.
  • Amiga being mentioned in all versions.
  • Game design has evolved in all games as they have come out yet they are the same formula.

There’s probably more but people should see by now that the games have lots of stuff in common and that it indeed has evolved in the last 20 years although in a good way.

Here is a picture of my collection…


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