Here we go again, with a new Batman game in our hands. This time the game came from a different developer and with a totally unexpected multiplayer campaign but, judging from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like a good new chapter in the Arkham saga.

As usual, while I’ll taking my time to fully test the product in order to give you a proper review, let’s take a look at the collector’s edition.

Let’s start by saying that, like Injustice, this game came in a huge box …. [Edit: actually, it’s even bigger than Injustice one!]


The box contains a very nice 3D diorama, with Batman kicking Joker’s ass. The figurine is heavy and highly detailed and really competes with the one described here.


DSCN1956FSCN1960 FSCN1948


The actual game is held in a historiated steel box, which also contains DLC codes for additional maps, skins, and campaigns…

DSCN1963 DSCN1964

The collector’s edition is then completed by a series of “assassin’s contracts” the same you see in-game and by a huge artbook. Just compare its size with the one of a standard book.
The book actually contains spoilers, so … proceed at your own risk…

DSCN1967 DSCN1968 DSCN1969 DSCN1970 DSCN1971 DSCN1972 DSCN1973 DSCN1974 DSCN1975 DSCN1976

And now, a final word from two long-time friends…



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