A few months ago we published a first look at this PC game that has his roots in the old C64 era. If you remember that review (retrieve it HERE, if you please), you already know that we don’t usually cover PC stuff here unless it’s somewhat related to the Golden Age of computing. Now, six months later, I had the chance to put my hands on some Steam Keys to test the full game.

As a first thing, let me apologize to the devs for my late review: it’s not that I didn’t appreciate or I did not like it. I just didn’t have time and I didn’t want to review the game without testing it (believe me, someone out there does these things….).  Anyway, let’s press on with the review.

The game confirmed all the good things I already wrote about while testing the demo: it plays solid good, with smooth controls that will make the day of all the players out there who loves twin-stick shooter games. As I already wrote, this game takes you back to some great shooter of the past, but it does it in a state-of-the-art way, with choice of vehicles and a tune-up session that allows for ship enhancement and stuff.

Killing enemies and destroying things will get you different kinds of coins, that can be used to enhance your weapons and skills. If you are not a twin-stick shooter games lover it will not be an easy task to accomplish a mission. Yet, albeit difficult, the game is not frustrating and encourages you to try again and to try harder: this is like a game should be, IMHO.

Honestly, I did have a hard time while playing Bugs Must Die, but that is only due to my lack of skills. The game is good and it is fun, and thank God there is always an escape pod…

I can only encourage to get out on Steam and try out the game by yourself. Let’s have fun and show the devs some support.

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