Bye,Thanks For All The Fish.


The time has come for me to move on, move away from the things that didn’t work and most of all your absence and the ability to ignore my special coded calls the last few months was the deciding factor that i decided to move on to better pastures, oh and btw redirecting/forwarding my calls to some old soldier stating things like “it will get better soon/back to normal”, that felt… VERY WRONG!.

You have been a good companion , i have never felt that i have used you in any other way than what you wanted yourself, my friends have seen all my good and bad sides and uncovered my darkest secrets like when i had an all night long date with Miley Cyrus/Hanna Montana, i never wanted to hurt you, i never cheated on you but she was so easy to please.. well until she wanted to take me horseback riding.

I have made many new friends and enemies over the last few years thanks to you.
Sadly, not everyone appreciated how i failed to update you as i felt it was wrong to pay some extra money for you to expose both me and you even more, i gained new friends because they just had to be my friend because you impressed them so much even though some of those friends felt more like whores than friends.

Everyone loved to compare you with theirs but eventually, people stopped doing that as you managed to stall them for so long that they eventually gave up.

You had some really good skills with cards, being up to speed and never afraid of showing yourself in public, well except for when your relatives in JAPAN failed to inform you about changes to our relationship and such.

I have counted and checked closely several times in the past and i can happily tell you that i will miss adding 7 (SEVEN) new experiences to you daily, even if some of them was cheapshots and uncalled for.
Sorry, my friend, the time has come for me to stop supporting you but with this article, i hope that i have shown that it’s been good to have you even though you’ve stood me up a few times over the years and sometimes decided to give me flak for no apparent reason.
The one you see above was the last updated card, its been months and while i may not have gained all that many trophies the last few months (thanks to defiance)…well it’s still bad!. is the new one in my life now, a good alternative but i am still gonna miss my old one.

And with that bombshell, i will have to quote Douglas Adams: Thanks for all the fish.

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