Ubisoft introduced us to Free Running/Parkour with Prince Of Persia – Sands Of Time – on the PlayStation 2, a game that blew gamers and the critics away, Ubisoft milked the series dry and even though they did a brand new design and look for the first title on the PS3 they still managed to ruin the magic by returning to the old POP style with the movie tie-in a few years later..
While POP was running on walls and chasing birds in India/Middle East/Persia on the PS2 and PS3 the core team decided to move away from POP and do something else and they went on to create yet another amazing series namely Assassins Creed, the game was meant to be a PlayStation 3 Exclusive but due to sales of the PS3 and the budget of the title they decided to go Multiplatform, a huge loss for SONY but a major win for the gamers out there.

The POP series had a good run at PS2 and while the titles released on the handhelds and on the PS3 was good if not pretty good they still didn’t feel as special as the first games and this seems to be something that Assassins Creed is struggling with too now and i know i will get flak from this but i totally HATED Assassins Creed 3 and i stopped playing it just a few hours in (that old goit ruined it all)…

Assassins Creed II is by far the best game in the series and while the major WOW factor was already “spent” in AC 1 it still felt fresh and very cool, Brotherhood was more of the same and also a great game but the new features of the gameplay kinda ruined it for me although doing factions etc was quite rewarding etc.
Bloodlines is probably the most ignored AC title and i shouldn’t really write about it as it’s better left alone, the game is a huge pile of unfinished umm crap, looks good at times but it’s just plain wrong and feels nothing like an AC game beyond the fact that it is an AC game in terms of gameplay etc.

After the release of Brotherhood the whole franchise seems to have decided to dig itself underground, everything that was uber cool is now generic, well except for the story as by all means the story in most if not all AC games is brilliant.
when AC: Revelations was announced all i managed to say was “MEH!” and by then i realized that AC was moving away from what i liked in the games (RTS! WTF??) so i decided to skip it entirely…
Last year when AC: Liberation, a VITA exclusive was announced it was the first time in years that an AC title had me hyped but i decided to keep calm and see more news and info before going ape, everything looked like it was back on track here, and i bought it when it came out and can safely say that it was the best AC game in years…. for me anyway.
The game was filled with glitches and bugs, just like all of the console AC games but there was a really bad one in this one and that one destroyed the savegame(s) which btw was the same one we had on the PS3 version of AC 1.
The Bug/Glitch in Liberation was fixed eventually but it took too long and by the time the fix came out people had turned away from the game and moved on to other games.
AC4/IV was announced earlier this year and it looks absolutely amazing, and hopefully this will be the game we’ve been waiting for!, sadly AC 3 was not the comeback everyone had hoped for, it was a good game (they say…) but we need more than that now!, we need fast-paced action and not an old slow captain “jump along” game…

See how this is turning out?, POP had its run on the PS2 and AC on the PS3… for PS4 they have Watchdogs! , which looks like the new franchise that UBISOFT will focus on now but hopefully they will manage to do both series at the same time as AC can get better and if AC4 is as good as it looks, well count me in on DAY 1 for the console launch.
Watchdogs have been postponed till April 2014 (for now) and i guess that is because of ACIV and it’s release date, it was crazy of UBISOFT to place both franchises so close to each other in the first place so it’s totally understandable that they have delayed it.

So the final question is… Is this the end of Assassins Creed and will Watchdogs be the Ubisoft Posterchild for the next generation?

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