My name is Vincent, I’m 32 and I’m a system engineer. I have a good job, good friends and a beautiful girlfriend. I lead a regular life, where things flow nicely and quite. So what’s happening to me now? How come that all of the sudden the world seems to fall apart over my head? Maybe it is because things are getting too serious and Katherine wants me to meet her parents?
Maybe because she wants to get married? But I’m only 32! And she says she’s pregnant …!
=*=*=Man, what a night! I was hanging out with friends at the bar and, when they left, I met this gorgeous girl. Her name is … Catherine.
She’s just the opposite of my girlfriend: blonde, young, energetic and she just wants to have fun! Don’t get me wrong. We just talked (as far as I can remember), but there’s something here that I can’t explain. Later on, when I got home, I had this terrible nightmare in which I was trying to climb an endless wall. I had to do it. There was no other option. The lower levels were slowly but constantly falling apart, the only way out being on the top.
To climb up I had to work around huge blocks, pushing and pulling them to form a ladder. Sometimes the only possible move was to turn around a block and work on another part of the wall.
But the scary part was that I had been turned into a sheep! And other sheep (men as well?) were trying to do the same thing.
Sometimes I had to “sacrifice” (kill?) someone else to keep climbing and … there was something lurking in the dark. Maybe I just drank too much.

Back to the bar. No signs of Catherine. I must talk to everyone in here. Maybe they know her. They’ve seen her, at least.
Oops! The TV is reporting about mysterious deaths. Oh well! Let’s relax a bit. There’s an arcade game in the corner of this bar.
Wait a minute! This resembles my dream. You need to climb a wall to save the princess, while an evil which could get to you. Better listen to some music instead.
The jukebox is full of those classic ATLUS tunes: from “Megami Tensei” to “Persona”…

Another night, another nightmare! The wall is even more difficult to climb this time and it is divided into multiple sessions.
Atop of each one, other ships are crying their fate. Some of them, though, are very nice to me and teach me new tricks to climb faster and get around the most difficult parts.
This time the climbing had to be faster and was no doubt more furious. I was right. Something was lurking in the dark and it tried to kill me.
It wasn’t just like in a video game boss fight. I had the feeling that if I died in the dream, I would have died in real life as well. Wasn’t that TV reporter saying something similar to this?
It can’t be true. It’s just a dream. So, how come this morning “C” was in my bed?
I don’t even recall meeting her, last night!

I’m torn apart. “K” is getting angry. She thinks I don’t want to marry her anymore. She says I’m still a kid, incapable of accepting his responsibilities.
She thinks I don’t want the baby. Furthermore, “C” is getting weird. She’s getting jealous and possessive and …. well, something else.
And that boy that died last night? Didn’t I know him? Didn’t I meet him already, maybe at the bar?

Another night, another fight. But no dream can siege my future for me. I want to survive. I want to keep climbing…
“C” or “K”?

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