Just to have it said, I have barely scraped the surface of this game as a normal run if you want to see most of the game is around 300hours, so I might have missed quite a lot of the point and whatnot since I have only played it for a few hours (maybe 6 now?).

Defiance is a very hard game and at first, it’s hard because of the subpar framerate (30 fps down to 10 at times?), aiming and moving can be quite hard at times due to the laggy framerate (not internet lag!).

as you can see in this first run video (above) is how I manage to not hit people at times, yes I might suck a bit and have underpowered/wrongfully configured weapons but it’s also down to the framerate (umm, seriously!).

For some odd reason, the game decides to lag less after a while, it’s almost like it’s buffering but I am not sure since there is a 10GB install as well as all the updates that take additional space.

In this video you can see my first attempt at a speed run, these run’s is very similar to events in games like RAGE and BORDERLANDS, they can be quite fun but also a really tiresome and annoying affair due to the fact of graphical bugs and track designs but in this game’s case it’s down to bad framerate and laggy controls and as I realised later on (a few hours after) is that you can buy better vehicles and so on.

In this video you can see me play one of the first “proper” missions where I got help from other online players, I never called for help but that’s the cool thing with these games as people just come and go and for this game, the players seem very interested in helping out too.

Notice how the framerate seems a bit better now, at least in some parts.

The menu system, it’s taken me hours to understand it and still, i have no idea what most does so please bear with me in this video.

The stuff you do in the menus is setting various skills (so-called EGO system) where you have special powers determined by the class you selected at the start of the game and there is also the perks and weapons and so on.

Going back in the menu system took me a long time to get comfortable with as you can see I keep going back into the game every time I want to press “back” to the former menu…

Seriously, the menus are very confusing and big, we need more tutorials or what DC universe did ..a total redesign of the interface.

Once in a while (or often..) you bump into missions or battles which is a much higher level than you so they can get really hard and will most likely require you to get help,lots of help… in the video above you see how hard it can be and it didn’t help with the framerate drops and lag.

While I am at it, the size of the map in this game is absolutely staggering, there are only a few fast travel spots but for all, i know you might unlock more of those as you play.

From what I have heard online (in the game) is that the map is one of the biggest ones in a game of this style/type.

In the video above you can see an arkfall mission, these things pop up on the map all the time and they have a time restriction on them so lots of people will chase these ones as they give a lot of XP and points, they also give you new weapons and these can be very rare ones and even very powerful so it’s no shocker that these missions can have the map radar/location filled with online players (purple dots on the map), it’s really fun to see so many players at the same time and it’s amazing how little popups and internet lag there really is, quite an achievement if you ask me.

Ok so that’s it, hope this article was of any help concerning dipping into the game, it would be cool if I got more friends to play with although I like going on my own too and playing with randoms is fine too.

I have ordered the game edition of DEFIANCE – Ultimate Edition now as I enjoy the game enough to cough up the doe to get it and I will send my old/normal copy off to a friend or whatever.

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