Putty Squad have been one of the most sought-after non-released Amiga games ever created and if you wander around the net then you will find endless of discussions and people claiming to have played it and yes many of them have actually but that was either them playing the prequel called Silly Putty which btw was renamed to Putty later on so there alone might be the reason for the confusion but there’s 1 more reason and that was that there was a Putty Squad demo disk floating around… didn’t make it easier for us to track the full game down.

Putty Squad was reviewed by many Amiga magazines back in the day and it got rave reviews but somehow the game never leaked out from the magazines and while we have proof of them having the actual game it still felt a bit too strange how no one has the game but all these magazines reviewed it and then you also had game shows and such.
You can read the whole story at Codetapper’s blog/website, http://www.codetapper.com/amiga/interviews/galahad-masters-amiga-putty-squad/

Putty Squad, a graphical marvel, it is AGA but yet the game looks like an upgraded ECS game but it still looks great and with fluid frames and sexy parallax scrolling, what more do you need? , ah, of course, the music, very cool music too and quite different from level to level (like the gfx) so the game keeps you interested all the way to the end.

There’s something about putty, some people like it, some people hate it and others totally love it and i guess i know why as the game can be very … confusing and tiring but at the same time it has so many cool details that you just have to complete it to see them all and then you have the weapons/pickups and such, seriously this game has more to it than meets the eye but at the same time it is a typical platformer game without being one.. or something.

Putty Squad does everything it can to be funny and smart and it manages to pull it through but i am not so sure if these things works as good now as they would have done back in the early 90s but then again it’s an Classic game and an very good one too so i am sure all the gamers out there will love it no matter what…for better and for worse.

GRAB THE AMIGA GAME NOW, PLAY IT IN YOUR EMULATOR (WINUAE) :http://www.system3.com/promotional-download/puttysquadamiga/

I have not bought the VITA,PS3 or PS4 versions yet as it seems they have not been properly released here yet…except for PS4 that is…but i have no PS4 so… yup the game will have to wait too.

Pictures and references from Hall Of Light. www.hol.abime.net

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