Dragon Quest Heroes, Slime Collectors Edition. All Stuff

I pre-ordered Dragon Quest Heroes Slime C.E several months ago, it is safe to say that i have been anxiously waiting quite a bit for this game, expectations for both this collectors edition and the game itself have been sky high.

So here it is, finally!.  I decided to do some pictures right away and just push the article out as fast as possible as i need to get a lot of articles out of the way (5 on hold right/waiting to be published now).

Slime Collectors Edition Dragon Quest Heroes
Slime Collectors Edition Dragon Quest Heroes

The first thing that hit me was the size of the box, i expected it to be huge but that was not the case at all, funnily enough, it looked like the post lady was happy about that (it might have something to do with my last few shipments….hehe).

The overall design of the box is good, clean and very colourful so it will look good on the shelf for sure.

I bought this edition blind, so up until today i have had no idea what was inside of this box and since the price was far from cheap i have had some expectations alright.

treasure chest! Dragon Quest Heroes
treasure chest! Dragon Quest Heroes

Ok!, i popped the box and inside i found a treasure chest! a beautiful chest made out of some sort of paper and fabric, stiff and nice to hold.  Very cool!.

Ok, so this collectors edition might not have been such a bad idea after all right?

So it was time to open that box, i could not find a key anywhere but that was ok as the keyhole was only painted and not an actual lock, shame.

The chest opens nicely, well made and feels solid, the stuff inside neatly packed too.

I can see SLIME!.

PLUSHY!!!. Dragon Quest Heroes
PLUSHY!!!. Dragon Quest Heroes

A neat little plushy drop like figurine thingy crawled out of the box, still sealed but yet happy. I have decided that i will never free him as he might run away and do something that he might regret.

The creature is much smaller than i had anticipated and i am not all that scared really…. or am i?

I have received many lanyards over the years but this one has slime on it, i can use this one when i need some extra power at the shopping malls or whatever, these things are priceless for an adventurer like myself.

Luckily i found it before that plushy ran away with it.

Keychain! SLIME! Dragon Quest Heroes
Keychain! SLIME! Dragon Quest Heroes

A much-needed slime keychain was also inside the box, this one is actually a priceless gemstone that i use to find dragons with, well that is what i have heard anyway and i will carry this around when i head out into the forests for sure.

There is one thing though, what do i put on the chain? keys? pointless as the key for the treasure chest was not included now, was it? maybe the dragon has it?

SLIME CODES! Dragon Quest Heroes
SLIME CODES! Dragon Quest Heroes

DLC code for slimy weapons and the game cd, these things are a must for me as without these i will not be able to complete a game, i love to pay 2 win stuff!.

The quality of the leaflet is better than expected too, strange.

Dragon Quest Heroes, No steelbook?? WTF
Dragon Quest Heroes, No steelbook?? WTF

Time to talk about the depressing stuff, this Collectors Edition comes with no steelbook, ok, that ain’t all that normal anyway right? right…

Standard box included, not even a “NOT TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY” notice on it.

Good looking box though.

Dragon Quest Heroes, Slime Collectors Edition. All Stuff
Dragon Quest Heroes, Slime Collectors Edition. All Stuff

So this is all, see what’s missing in it?, something that just about every single Collectors Edition has.  Yes! ARTBOOK!.

Where the hell is that art book? what a surprising move as this was one thing i was really looking forward to seeing, major let down and to be honest a real killer towards the end of the unboxing.

I even checked the chest for a secret room! honest!.   (God of War Trilogy had that btw).

So this Slime Collectors Edition could have been fantastic but instead, it turned out as a missed opportunity really and one that will annoy me a lot in the future when i look at the neat box and awesome treasure chest.

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8 thoughts on “Dragon Quest Heroes – Slime Collectors Edition

  1. My order on its way , i know about the missing art book, shame.

    Great sarcastic comments in the post here, loved them. LOL.

  2. You sir!, made me ROTFL , not many can pull that off.

    Please do more like this! , i miss the toilet and phew phew articles from thepast ?

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