Gran Turismo 6 is the 4th game in the series for PS3 now and right now it sounds like they’re milking the franchise but in reality they ain’t as the first instalment was the Gran Turismo HD engine which came right after PSN opened back in 2006-7 which basically was a demo of the upcoming GT 5 Prologue which was a demo of the upcoming GT 5 which was released 4 years after the PS3 launch.
So the GT releases on PS3 so far , Gran Turismo HD (PSN Only), GT 5 Prologue , GT 5 , GT Academy (released in 2012), other than these 4 releases there was also downloadable demos available for Prologue and also for GT 6 in the form of Academy type of gameplay/ranking.
GT 5 got some rave reviews and record sales but fans felt the game was missing stuff and felt the game was not all it should have been in the first place and while Sony pushed some awesome updates out the game still felt not 100% of what it could have been.
Critics seem to prefer other alternatives these days and the most notable one being Forza on the Xbox, this is a discussion i won’t do but as always some people like the daughter and others like the mother….i like both. For some odd reason Sony have decided to ignore the Europeans somewhat by just having 2 versions of GT6 available, the normal one and the Anniversary version and i went for the Anniversary Edition and it’s just a steel case edition with a bunch of Cars, Cash etc DLC and to some this is a collectors item and yes it is cool to look at and all but all other Collector items and special editions of the GT franchise have been loaded with postcards, model cars and so on so i must say that this release is not up to scratch and next to GT5 CE and GT 4 CE this GT 6 AE looks quite boring.
GT 6 in ASIA got a Collectors Edition, man it looks so cool and i have no idea why they decided to not release this in Europe, their loss i guess as i would have bought it right away (and loads of other people too).

The Game you say?
I will do a full article soon as i need to play it more first but i can safely say that this is a wonderful and polished game.
I do have some stuff to complain about…

1. The music sucks as always (WHY DO THEY USE PORN MUSIC IN THEIR GAME SERIES???).

2. The Intro /opening vid is quite a letdown and boring. (GT5 original Opening was a masterpiece, after the major 2.0 update they changed the intro …into something similar as in GT 6…boring music, vid etc.

3. As soon as you cross the finish line or get a game over/disqualified screen the game halts for a little second, really annoying, nothing that breaks the game but it feels very unpolished!.

4.” BONK”, yup, that is still the sound it makes when you hit something.

5.No Damage on the cars except for Arcade mode.

Good stuff that i really like…

1. You can use your own music everywhere in the game and it will play it properly without overlapping other sounds etc. (all games need this feature IMO!).

2.60FPS is amazing! controls, realism etc. MY GOD!.

3.CARS! , TRACKS!, LOADING TIMES! , Installing the game while you play!.

4.FERRARI 458 ITALIA is the worlds sexiest car ever made, first car i bought in GT6 and my fav car in GT5.

5.Improved Menu systems.

6.Coffea Break (Minigames).

7. Driving School/Licenses finally back again and this time done properly!.

I could go on and on but i will try and post vids and screenshots of it soon and of course an article about it too course.

Oh and yes, this is the first game to make me skip a few sessions of DEFIANCE in months , i did play WRC 4 a bit indeed but GT 6 has so far made me lose the urge to play Defiance… that said, i have to continue playing Defiance too as i am really close to the Platinum now..well sort of anyway.

PS: RUSH OUT AND BUY GT6!, you won’t regret it!.

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