David Cage and his Quantic Dream must be one of the very few game developers who seem to confuse games with movies, he tries and have somehow succeeded what so many others tried and failed back in the 90s with FMV videos and with that i mean creating a game like a movie and adding a script along with it.
Games in general tend to be ignored by movie writers and such as they think games won’t work as good as a movie would since games tend to be more than 1 and a half hour long and maybe most of all is that many writers and directors think that games are meant for a different crowd (ie Kids or nerds).
Quantic Dream took a huge risk with Heavy Rain and it paid off as the game became a huge hit and it is one of the best games available on the PS3 and to any one of the best story driven games ever made.
With BEYOND:TWO SOULS Quantic Dream have taken storytelling, motion capture and co-operation with real actors even further and at times i had to check if i was playing this game on the PS4 or on the PS3 as the game looks stunning and it moves even better and while i am not sure but it does seem that they went as far as motion capturing every single character down to the smallest details, lip sync, eyes and even ear movement.

How important are graphics to you? I have already mentioned movement and sync but that is just one of the things in Beyond as they have gone as far as doing everything else too so environment graphics looks incredible too, footprints in snow, clothes get wet in rain and so on but there is one thing i think looks crap and come to think of it this has been a problem in many games like uncharted (The bar fight in Uncharted 3?..)and God Of War and so on and that’s Wood panels and wooden doors looks incredible bad…wrong , dull or whatever negative word you can come up with.

The Reception towards Beyond:Two Souls have been a very harsh and in my opinion very undeserved but yes i must agree that this game ain’t for everyone as it requires the gamer to actually pay attention to what is going on and at the same time the gamer is required to be able to understand emotions as the game is heavily based on various timelines and it jumps back and forth a lot and some scenes might be too European for American people to understand , no i am not being mean here but it is clear that the democratic that Quantic Dream chose for this game was not American people.
One thing is for certain and that is that my taste in games can be quite a bit of an oddball as i can enjoy and like mediocre or even downright bad games and you guys (the readers on this very blog) know this and i am sure that by now you have made up your minds regarding my taste in games vs. your own taste.
I personally think that Beyond is one of the best games i have played in a long, long time and in my opinion it is only bested by The Last Of Us this year.

Oh, and one more thing, i completed the game today and i played it through in 2 player mode (DUO MODE/TWO SOULS MODE) and i can warmly recommend it to you guys if you, for instance, play it with your wife/girlfriend or friend or whatever.
goblin have also blogged a bit about the game on this site so if you want to read some of his impressions then check it now.

Ok, i am now heading back to Defiance… GASP!.

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