playstation_plusThe wonderful Everybody’s Golf for PS Vita has now been dumped in price (again) on the PSN, now it costs a mere 79 NOK / 10 euro.

If you’re a PS Plus user then you get 10% off too so then it’s down to 71 Nok or so.

Get the game now!, its worth it!.

On Release the game costed 300+ Nok , last week it was pushed down to 118 Nok (together with Modnation Racing VITA)

UPDATE: quite a lot of golf game on PSN has a special price this weekend, the price goes up to its original price on monday so hurry up! :). There’s several PS3 games that has been heavily reduced in price too with this special weekend offer, games like PGA Golf, Worms Golf and Everybodys Golf PS3 version.

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