*PLING!* Platinum! – Lord Of The Rings: War In The North


11 Years later and I am still waiting for a remaster/remake of this and the PS2 LOTR games… What is taking so long :/

I have been in The Lord Of The Rings Craze lately as I am prepping for the new movie (and game) The Hobbit which is due in December 2012.

I managed to get the collectors edition of War in The North from Amazon, sweet game!

Good Graphics, great controls, fluid and no gfx lag what so ever, we played 3 player co-op quite a lot and it’s clear the game was meant to play it like, the game is longer than most games and while it is mostly button-bashing at times you can play it differently if you want, as in strategic.

Power-ups and weapons/armour and skills all work great together, the power system itself is pretty much self-explanatory but its the whole feel of the game that makes it a great game.

CGI movies in the game are extremely well done but sadly there ain’t many of them as most of the cutscenes are playable and story-changing ones depending on what you do.

I and a close friend completed the game 4 times or were it 5… I lost count as the game destroyed savegames so we had to restart several times :-(.

Even after the cursing and hatred towards Snowblind Studios (the creators of arInTheNorth) we still continued playing the game as the goal was to help “Manjma” get his first-ever platinum.

Manjma did get his platinum in the end, and so did I but we did get help from 2 awesome guys on the PlayStation network who helped us a lot with the legendary difficulty, big thanks to both of them ” Linicker ” and “NickTurbo ” (Nick, if you see this post, please send me a friends request as I forgot the rest of your PSN handle).

I made a small stop-motion tribute of the game and box shot:

The Actual Collectors Edition that i have is one of 2 on the market, 1 with a quiver and arrows and 1 with a figurine.

i have the one with the Figurine (as seen in my video).

The box contains:

  • 1. Artbook which is simply lovely, some fantastic art in there.
  • 2. DVD with music, interviews and videos!.
  • 3. Snow troll Figurine (big!)
  • 4. The game of course (doh!) 😀

Yep, I know that video was a bit dodgy and boring but I wanted to try something new…


Yep, the game is old, I know that but I felt I had to share my experience of the game with you guys, if you want to try it (you should!) then make sure to backup your save game frequently!

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