Flap Your Wings And Fly Away – Amazing Voxel bird Saga


Heard about the Flappy Bird hysteria and removal of the game on the AppStore and GooglePlay? , I bet you have as it has created an amazing amount of attention and the game is nothing else than a ripoff of many games but most old-school gamers might remember the game as Nintendo’s Balloon Fight from 1986 or so.

The Flappy Bird was extremely popular before the developer decided to remove it from the Appstore and Google play as he felt like he was ripping people off and destroying peoples life with creating such an addictive game Oh and yes he already had made enough money on it by scraping in amazing $50.000 USD a day in revenues (WTF???).
Naturally, other clones and copycats popped out everywhere and basically on every format known to man (my smart tv even have one) and Amazing Voxel Bird Saga is one of the clones/copies.

The Developer behind this gem of a game is none other than the new publisher/developer Cherry Darling which is the team behind an AmigaOS4/MorphOS/iOS/Android game that was released just a few months back called Ace Of Hearts, the team have a special style and a style that is very welcome on the Amiga and while it may not be the best looking game on the Appstore or Google play i certainly think it stands out and deserves some recognition.
Sadly the Marketing kit haven’t got AmigaOS4 or MorphOS screengrabs in it and i am currently away from the Amiga and i forgot to bring my memory stick with the gazillion screen grabs i did last night. i will try and post them tonight though.

It may look simple but it is damn addictive and i would go as far as say that i really hate that i installed it as i have wasted too much time on it already thanks to Online Highscores and Achievements and of course for the “Just one more go” type of game.

The desktop version is free so there is no excuse for not trying it but it does require that you have a gfx card that supports 3D as wazp3d will not work with this game.

Not played flappy bird or other clones yet?, well it is a tap type game where you have to keep tapping LMB (or touchscreen) in order to fly to navigate through caves and fly over hills and other obstacles and the harder/longer you tap the higher it flies and while it may sound easy this is because it is easy in an addictive way which will eventually turn into madness when you crash into something and die.
The game is endless but it does have checkpoints and you only have 1 life and an energy bar but you do get more life by eating red plants, red plants which naturally is placed in places that make you think that you can grab it easily but most of the time you will lose more energy while trying to grab it.

Oh and to make things fun (and frustrating) there’s a combo system when you pick up coins as when you pick every coin in a series then you get bonus points and the longer you manage to keep the combo going the more you bonus points you get which will eventually lead to a kick-ass high score…. that is until you crash and burn.

You can download the free game or just read more about it at their website located at Amazing Voxel Bird Saga here and for the iOS and Android versions you will have to go to their respective online stores.

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