So here we are again. The blog is incredibly active these days. A lot of things to report and a lot of new games are coming out. Did we really need PS4 yet?

Anyway, I actually wanted to wait a little bit more until I had a more decent picture, but Tony told me to press on, and so I obey …. 🙂

Yesterday, I finally put my hands on my copy of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The game came actually out on August 22, but the local shop was closed for vacation and I was away due to work reasons.

But here it is, finally: //The 5th Freedom Collectors edition.
Once opened, the box reveals all his awesome content:
copy of the game, 96 pages color comic book, steel case, action figure and, of course, DLC codes …
The comic book depicts a brand new story (called “Echoes”), unrelated with preceding works. I just skimmed through the pages yesterday, but the story looks solid and it is very well drawn.
The action figure is highly detailed and rock solid to the touch. I was actually sure that I ordered the “Silver Edition” (silver steel case and figurine), but this one is fine anyway.

Finally, when I pre-ordered the game, I also got the “Upper Echelon Package”. More DLC and a nice double-sided poster.
I can’t wait to start adding tickmarks to my personal blacklist … but prior to that, I have to complete SH: Downpour…

Stay tuned for the article and the game.

Edited September, 5: Changed/added a few pictures. Still not the best result, but getting closer.

Edited September, 10: Re-arranged part of the text, new pictures added, included the ones below.
Now I only have to start playing the game …..

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