I Need A “Painkiller”… Yet Another Smashed Collector’s Edition


Remeber that post last week about Painkiller Collectors Edition that arrived squashed/damaged in my post box?…. here is a link in case you didn’t or need another look at it: I’m in PAIN!.

So here’s the thing, Amazon sent me a replacement and a message that i could keep the old one too (the damaged one) as it would cost them too much to pay the postage to return it and send me a new one with express post and in the end postage would cost more (and then some) than the game did in the first place…

Well, yesterday the replacement copy arrived, yet again in an “size C1 box” which clearly was part of the reason for the merchandise being damaged last time, guess what.. the replacement was also squashed/damaged…while not as bad as last time…still not in a state that a collectors edition box should look like… not in my collection anyway.

Here you can see both the replacement (top/sealed) and the one that i got last week, the older one of the two have been repaired and fixed quite a bit to look like this but still…. looks bad.

The replacement was not torn but corners and bottom/top have been damaged and i am certain that as soon as i removed the seal that the contents will fall out.

Here you can see more of it, some places the replacement looks better but other not so much but i bet that the stuff inside is at least not damaged this time around.

So that’s it… i am quite miffed as this is a cool collectors edition box and at this rate, they might get out of stock soon and i wonder how Amazon managed to do the same thing again (and the postman ..).

I am not sure how i should contact amazon now, i will, of course, send them a mail/complaint but i wonder how they will react to sending me a replacement of a replacement and i also wonder if they will put it in a C1 box again if so.

If i get to keep these now then i will, of course, have a giveaway for this replacement too but right now i am not too sure what to do before Amazon responds.

EDIT: Will do pictures soon, old ones were lost 🙁 June/2018)


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