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A lot of guys know that i buy a lot of games but lately i have only been playing 2 (Ni No Kuni and Saints Row: The Third) and just to have it said, i am not ignoring the other games but i am having good fun with the two for now and yes i know i have promised to play some of the new games i bought online co-op, soon guys, soon.

The picture shows January/February month and there is more from November and December (like ratchet and clank, Dishonored, Syndicate etc) and damn it! so many new games are due in March that i have no idea how to get time for it all…

What i don’t have pictures of is the Vita and PSN games i am currently having on hold (persona 4, among others!).

Oh and i have an Amiga Article up soon, a request from an old friend of mine, stay in touch.

cheers and thanks to all my daily readers and everyone else.

PS: i have now a daily count of 600-700 unique users/readers daily! an amazing feat for such an “n00b” blog, thanks again.

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