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Hunter’s Trophy is a hunting game where you hunt for trophies and that is a very good thing if you are a trophy hunter! but instead of shooting tin cups and whatnot you actually shoot birds and animals and visit the occasional shooting gallery.

Hunter’s Trophy is actually a well-done game compared to many other hunting games but that doesn’t mean that this is an “instant buy” though.


Hunter’s Trophy comes in a big package, it includes a “plastic” gun which looks cheap and feels cheap but the overall look and design of the big box (and Blu-ray cover) is pretty much up to scratch.

Here’s a closer look at the big box design and info, it comes in several languages and that’s for both speech and text which is quite surprising as this is a “budget” game from BigBen.


Here’s another shot of the back of the big box design, looks good and not “lying” in any way either.

The box was and is meant to attract people and a lot of boxes today looks crap and too much “samey” so it’s hard to spot a good game for many people but as i said earlier this is not an “instant buy” game as price is quite steep although i did find it much cheaper at the local supermarket! (like other BigBen (Sniper, Body Coach 2 etc) games, they can only be found in supermarkets in Norway for some reason..).

At first glance, this package looks like it holds a solid weapon but in reality, it’s one heck of a rubbish accessory.


Ok, so the actual “gun” comes with an instruction guide, more pictures of it below..

Btw, the game does not require a PlayStation Move nor a Navigation controller.


Quite straightforward eh?, well it is and it’s loosely based upon some of the other cheap accessories that you can get for the PS Move or Wii or whatever and as with them… The stuff gives you no feel what so ever in terms of enjoyment.

So unlike Body Coach 2 and Sniper etc the accessory for this game is quite bad and is bound to give you hand ache’s and just start using just the move and the nav with plastic attached or if you have a PS Sharpshooter then you should use that as that is perfect for the game!.

Everything gathered, not much included but enough to get me interested and i have a gut feeling that this package will get “rare” eventually as Gamestop, EB, CDON etc do not stock or have in the past.

Hunter’s Trophy actually has a trophy glitch so you might not be able to platinum it because of it, the developers know of the glitch but seem like it hasn’t been patched yet.

The game is quite an ok free roam/Open World Hunting game and if you’re into hunting games then you will probably like it more than Dangerous Hunts or maybe not…

Hunter’s Trophy can be played with a Dual Shock 3 controller, works quite good with it too without losing too much accuracy and quick movement but i do recommend you to use the PS MOVE or PS Sharpshooter combo.

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