The Game Atelier has been quite supportive on the Vita so far and i wish others will follow suit as we need more of these casual games that they’ve handed out.

Flying Hamster used to be a PSMini game and it was requested by the community to be updated for the VITA as online features like Playstation Trophies, leaderboards etc.

The hamster race is a dying breed, a lot of people don’t know this and the only way to let the race live is to buy games…

ok, so you bought the game but that thing there is not a hamster now is it?

It can be extremely difficult even tho it looks very cute and at the same time very cool.

The game has quite long levels and that is quite uncommon these days for this kind of games as most just have a small level with a huge boss or 5 in a row but this game has gone back to the roots and done a long level with a boss, in the end, a difficult boss actually!.

The PS VITA is getting very crowded with horizontal shooters now, i am not complaining and i know a lot of people who think it’s awesome too but maybe it’s time for a vertical shooter too? , to name a few… Raiden, Raystorm, Banshee, and dare i say Einhander (i know…) etc.

I can warmly recommend this game to most people as it’s cheap and fun and even tho if you have the PSMini version i still think shooter fans must get this game, those of you who didn’t enjoy the Mini should stay away i guess.

Thanks for reading.

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