Finally, today i completed AC3: Liberation on the PSVita, awesome game but that game breaking save game glitch nearly made me forget all about the game.

So, i replayed about 4 hours or so from my old savegame and when i eventually got to the place where the game destroyed my save the first time around, well i quit the game and went and uploaded it to my Cloudsave just to find out that i had only about 5 minutes left of the game before i had completed it the first time around…..

Wonderful game, one of my top 10 games this year for sure and i will look into getting more out of it soon, looking forward to seeing the real ending too as this game has piqued my interest as i found it to be so cool yet so “WTF” story wise (hehe you guys will know what i mean when the end scroller hits).

the trophy count is standing at 31% at this very moment, i must fix that… soon.

Take care guys, try this game as its a real killer!.

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