Have You Been Bought Lately? – GTA V & Beyond Two Souls Metacritic


So.. another rant? well, it is one but it’s not gonna be a crazy one like the former ones but anyway… see that picture above? , well that is taken from Metacritic a few minutes ago.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in one of my two upcoming ranting points here and the other one is how i can spot how to make the world think you’re number 1 point.

So here’s the thing, Beyond:Two Souls was released today and the industry have been preparing reviews like most sites do before a big game (AAA) gets released (if they get a promo etc), so i decided to give Metacritic a look (WHY!! DID I!!!!?+?????), i was met with 74/100 , not even an beyond average score as that would be 75…

I checked some reviews in there… sites like Eurogamer, IGN and others seem to have rated it extremely low and there are even 2 red ones ..and that means “BAD”…

Ok, i have not played the game yet and maybe it is bad or average or whatever, i will find this out when i have completed the game myself and as always my opinion is the only one that counts in the end (sort of as an opinion can be based upon others opinions and eventually everyone will have an opinion about someone’s opinion whom in the end opinionates everyone else’s opinions who opiniated in the first place… ok you know what i am trying to say here (that is my opinion btw).

Beyond:Two Souls was released today and it’s not even released in some countries yet but still they managed to get 63 reviews on day 1!!! .. not really an amazing feat as it’s pretty common for an AAA title to have that early, most likely within the next week or 2 the game will have around 80-90.

Now, everyone knows GTA V is the highest rated game on Metacritic and everyone knows it’s an AAA title, it’s been out for some weeks now, how many reviews? 47! , why? how on earth can 40 magazines and sites hold back their scores and reviews for such a big game?

Well, i know why and i know you guys know why too, they wrote a negative one and either had to remove it from their site or they decided to drop it entirely due to lawsuits threats and sponsor money.

If GTA V had 63 reviews on day 1 then the score would NEVER have been 97/100 , it would have been 80-90 tops but instead it makes GTA V look amazing with its score until you realize who and where the stuff was reviewed…. notice the gaps and notice how some major review sites and magazines ain’t on the list.

How much money did Rockstar put into marketing and how much they put into “buying” reviews? , remains to be seen but i love how some reviewers and websites have rewritten stuff and how others all of a suddenly changed jobs…

Just my 2 cents and it’s my opinion and my opinion is that GTA V is not this generations best game and i base that upon my opinion which is also an opinion based upon the opinions on metacritic.com who has a lot of opinions about most things except for the number 1 game of all times on PS3 and XBox360…. NOW THAT’S AN OPINION eh!

Finally, i hope Beyond: Two Souls is kickass good and i am happy for the guys who bought and loved (loves) GTA V.

PS: Why ain’t Beyond on the PSN Store????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!


— Pictures gone 🙁

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