Warning, this article has a lot of stolen artwork and images from the web, don’t like it? well then kill me…it’s not like it will matter anyway as a lockup or freeze or server error in Defiance is enough to kill an elephant anyway… I think.

And this is where you go… NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! not another Defiance article…right? , well sorry but this is yet another one but it is a universal one …kind of as all Online games have these things and some have more of them than others.


You just know that you ain’t the only one in the MMO game universe who’s having the very same problems… HEY? Keanu Reeves plays Defiance too?


So how do you make an old schooler like me forget all about Defiance for a minute? … well if you mix 2 of the best movies from the 80’s into 1 picture (The Never Ending Story and The Goonies) and then all of a sudden it’s ok that the game servers are fucked up…for a minute.


I decided today that I would buy every copy of the game in my city, I ended up with spending a lot of money and I filled my car (and my friends car) with copies of the game… I even bought all of the Xbox360 ones too…. why?… well to show them people want the game so we get better servers… OR maybe it was because of all the “bits” codes…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! .. oh.evil laughter…

In all seriousness, no I did not go to the game shops in my city, no I did not buy more copies of the game and no my friends car… well it’s too small anyway :p

So how will it look when Defiance and it’s server issues go away?… well just look at the picture below and if you want it in full quality then hit the link underneath the picture.


How can one hate a game as much as this and yet love it to death?

My Platinum can’t come soon enough!.

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