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LukHash is a music composer based in Edinburgh, UK. He creates a compelling fusion of chiptune mastery mingled with Synthwave, rock and EDM elements, LukHash’s distinctively unique approach to electronic music weaves the hallmark features of several genres together with a nostalgic return to the musical motifs of the ’80s to create something entirely new. An avid experimenter with hardware synthesizers, LukHash’s unique twist on 8-bit sound arises from over a decade of experimentation with digital logic hardware, ranging from custom modified Commodore 64 systems to hacked Nintendo Gameboy consoles. Darker, dystopian and pensive in feel, LukHash’s striking sound captures a curious contrast between longing for a time since passed and the tentative steps into a future unknown.

LukHash is known for masks and disguises and maybe most of all an incredible mix of Synth and Chip soundtracks whom many are remixes of old Commodore 64 tunes from games and the likes.

LukHash is on YouTube and I can recommend a subscription there if you are into retro music and the likes. 

His latest music video is actually a trailer/teaser for a Polish short movie called KEX where he did all the music and sound fx, i find the trailer better than the actual movie but both are well worth watching if you are into his music.

You can also find him on Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and so on.

Make sure to follow, like or whatever as I am sure LukHash will appreciate it.

This is one of my favourites from LukHash, The Great Giana Sisters is done in a way I never thought was possible, make sure to check it out.

This Spy vs. Spy remix made me fire up the old classics and reliving my childhood, a wonderful remix which in my opinion are much better than the original(s).

The mask and outfit and general video are also remarkably entertaining to watch.

Supremacy is one of those games that I haven’t got much of a retro relation to other than that I knew who made it and that I bought it only because of the team that made it and only to be let down by the game mechanics (strategy) as I had no idea what to do in it at the time…  That said, I loved the music and this awesome video by LukHash nails it perfectly, keep in mind that this is 1 person filmed twice where LukHash is both of them and in perfect sync, very impressive and well done.

If you want to check out the KEX – Wirujacy KEKS movie then look no further, enjoy (it is in Polish but with English subs)

Hope you enjoyed this writeup and let us know if you want more of these things in the future and feel to free to give us a shoutout on who to do next or whatever 😀

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  1. Hahahaha. Very fun stuff, Tony. I need to tag this one and save it for later, so I can listen to every single track with no distractions.

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