Ever played a game on your phone, Tab or Vita that nearly made you throw it at the wall? or snap it in half?…. I have!…

Draw Slasher is an Exclusive Vita title, it’s a Touchscreen game which requires quick and precise moves, I guess that is getting usual with touch games these days and while I tend to buy just about every Vita game these days ,well i guess I should look into what I am about to buy as there is quite a lot of crap stuff out there.


Draw Slasher was an instant buy for me as it’s presentation looked quite good for such an type of game and it’s a sideways scrolling beat em’up game but there were a few things I didn’t know about the game before I bought it and I can safely say that I nearly snapped my Vita on the middle because of some parts in the game.


Draw Slasher has an upgrade system, works well and it has a cheat option (kinda) similar to the Ninja Gaiden series as if you have enough skill points and you’re running low on energy then you can just go to the upgrade screen (select) and upgrade your health bar and then your health bar is at full health again, great thing to do when you’re in a boss fight for instance.


You get tutorial screens between levels and you get them before you need them and that is a nice feature so you won’t start fumbling and wondering the combination when you need it…


Ok so here the game gets messy, well actually it gets messy and annoying before this level but this is where you will notice it really badly…

Dashing requires extremely precise finger movements and that shouldn’t have been a problem at all but the game code is simply too rubbish and unprecise to make this an easy experience… just like that Little Deviants game…

More about the controls later on…


Draw Slasher has a few cool things and the gameplay can be one of them, well at least sometimes but why on earth didn’t the developers put the use of the Analog sticks? I mean… running sections like in the picture above is next to impossible at times due to all you see is your finger in front of the “ninja” you play…

While the screen above is ok enough to play, you will lose energy for sure but you won’t die but there are a few levels later in the game (like that Barrel level where a monkey toss barrels at you) which nearly made me explode , I am pretty sure my Vita won’t tolerate much more of the pain I put it through…and not to mention the screams ..


Mini-games like in the screenshots work nicely, move the finger fast in the movement shown, a bit like Fruit Ninja and easy enough, there are a few Fruit Ninja sections which copy the game nearly 1:1, very fun stuff and I must say I really want a proper Fruit Ninja game on the Vita as I really like it.


Graphics and enemies are quite nicely done and vary enough so that it won’t grow stale and what I like the most is what you have to do to take down some of them, cool shiznit and a welcome thing and one I hope to see in future games.


Looks really scary, the game is trying to spoof a lot of games and movies and it does that nicely, it can be funny as hell at times and at the same time gory and brutal enough to make it a bit original.

Would I recommend it? , depends on how much you enjoy to see your pointer finger instead of everything else, it can be fun and it’s a short game but at the asking price, I’d safely say that you can buy it without getting irritated when you realize that this game ain’t for you.


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