Jacob Jones And The Bigfoot Mystery is a very cute adventure puzzle game, graphics and style look like its straight from a proper children’s book and at times it reminds me quite a bit of Costume Quest which was released a few years back.

Jacob is one of those smart kid types, he knows stuff and knows that he is smarter than the others at his age so he really didn’t want to go camping Eagle Feather.

The game kicks off within the first minutes with funny comments like “here’s Johnny” from the movie “The Shining”, there are loads of funny and known quotes used in this game and since this game is based around a scary setting, well it’s a perfect fit.

Jacob Jones tries to be a little bit of everything and best of all a “point and click” adventure and it feels ok even though it’s not a real point and clicks game…

Lots of puzzles in the game, you have to do these to solve mysteries and other tasks to progress in the game and while they’re forcing it never feels like it’s too much of them and you can always hit the help/tips button if you’re stuck.

Umm, another suiting horror movie comment, Jacob naturally doesn’t get them, funny stuff.

The whole game is filled with various types of characters that you have to talk to and well there is every kind of personality in the game that you can think of.

The bedtime story in this game is simply fantastic and it reminds me a lot of the Pajama Sam games, well one of them anyway, funny stuff and well thought out and scary too…if in a very childish way.

One of the puzzles, some of them can be tricky but never a game-breaking one, fun and light stuff and I wish this game had been localized into Norwegian so my son could play it with me.

Ok so this is episode 1, I have no idea how many episodes there is but from what i have seen so far (completed 1st one) I can safely say I will buy the rest too, good design, good gfx and light fun and even has some replayability due to things like finding all cola? cans spread out through the game and that the puzzles can be completed several times due to its merit system (if you use a hint you lose some merits and so on).

So, for £2 GBP I got a game that lasted a few hours but I had fun and it kinda reminded me of a game series I played quite a bit in SCUMMVM called Pajama Sam, kids games but for some reason, I just had to play it to complete them.

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