In Review: Loot Crate Subscription – August 2016


Another month, another crate and yet again i forgot all about it. The last few LootCrate months have been quite good really and well above my expectations so this months wait was a bit harder than before.


One of the reasons why this crate post is late (by a month) is because of its size, yes when it is bigger than my snail mailbox then i have to pick it up at the local post office.

How can that make this post delayed by a month you say?, well i forgot to pick it up and it was nearly returned to sender (i picked it up the last day), while being quite frequently at the post office this was not the case the last 20 days or so, must be a new record….

Let’s take a look inside then, shall we?



The crate this month looked like it was about to burst open before i opened it, in an opened state it looks quite good too, expectations are high as said but i prefer quality over quantity.

T-shirt on top as always, no idea what that picture is… time to find out…


Sterling Archer t-shirt? , guess what…. i had to google him, never heard of him before now and yes i know i probably should have but i haven’t so get over it, mmmkay ?.

I will check the series out soon for sure.

The t-shirt is quite boring and certainly the worst so far this year, grey and typical American styled president esque.  Will i wear this? maybe…

Figurine time! another QFIG!. This time it’s Harley Quinn, awesome looking one too although not as good as the Deadpool one but still very good.

My DC and Marvel figurine collection is getting bigger thanks to Lootcrate.

What? , KILL BILL merchandise? woohoo.

Yellow socks have never looked better, to be honest, i never thought i would ever put yellow socks on my feet, how wrong was i!.

Yellow + blood red = Looks awesome.

One thing though, i put them on and i have to admit that they kinda suck as the threads were loose inside the actual sock (that said i still feel like a king when i have them on!).

My first ever HELLBOY merchandise turns out to be nothing less than a piggy bank!.

The awesome looking piggy bank even, will i ever use it? – i doubt it as all my money stays in my Amiga OS4 coffea mug…  oh wait!…


This months pin is one from World Of Warcraft, neat looking one too albeit far from that awesome Trekkie pin last month!.

I am really happy that i decided to keep all the pins up to now.


This months leaflet is the last item in the box, the theme ANTI-HERO is revealed (ok, it was on the pin too, i know…) and that name looks to be a perfect match for the stuff this month.

Some images from the leaflet, as always the mag is laid out in a very professional way and really cool to see the Suicide squad rebirth preview comic inside.

These guys know how to advertise their own product alright!.


This months crate was not huge but the stuff inside was good so this means that LootCrate has done the impossible yet again and that brings them to 4 crates in a row that is good (or better).

07My favourite item this month has to be the Harley Quinn figurine and the least appreciated item is the t-shirt.

Thanks for your time.

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2 thoughts on “In Review: Loot Crate Subscription – August 2016

  1. I didn’t know who Sterling Archer is either, but the T-shirt has nice colors.

    On the other hand, Harley Quinn rulez! Did you get the chance to watch “Suicide Squad”?

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