In Review: Loot Crate Subscription – June 2016


So, another month – another freebie crate appears.

DSC_4908I have wondered if i should stop posting these LootCrate articles actually, but i have decided to keep doing them for a bit longer due to them being a popular read on the blog.

This month is once again a medium to a big sized crate, i expect the usual stuff in it like a t-shirt, figurine, a pin and some useless “crap”, am i right or am i wrong? – read on to find out.


Oh!, what is this then?

I can spot a Matrix logo there, is that a Fallout figurine that i see there? that t-shirt there looks amazing! time to speed up the unboxing it seems!


T-shirt time, ok now this has to be the best looking one ever!.  It is a ROBOCOP Tee, huge fan of the first and 3rd game on the Amiga, i own the PS2 game, watched the movies a lot in the past and totally ignored the new movie. I am a fan!.

Ok, the first item is a hit and for me.


A Matrix puzzle? , 300 pieces too with a 17+ marking on? what on earth is this?

I will put it together later on – just because i love the first Matrix movie (the two other sucks balls).

Second item – not a hit and not a miss.


A DORBZ figurine!, a Fallout one.

I love figurines more and more every day, time to unwrap it and check for details.


And now i hate figurines, what the hell is this piece of shit?

Vinyl?, it is like that crappy Predator figurine from the March 2016 crate, the number of details is low, it can’t stand itself properly (no footstand) and it is god damned ugly too.

Maybe my taste is shit but this thing is a disgrace to the Fallout franchise.

Item number 3 is a total fail!.

OMG!, a Terminator 2 metal sign/badge?

Total win!.  Looks ace, feels ace and it is just ace!.

Decent sized too.

Item number 4 is a total win!.


A Bioshock Infinite key? , LootCrate exclusive, quality feels good too.

This one will sit nicely next to my other Bioshock collectables.

Item number 5 is a win.


This months pin, awesome looking one (as usual lately), picturing a bomb (let me guess – fallout – ) and the theme this month is/was Dystopia.

Item number 6 is a win.

Standard fare leaflet/flyer is included as always, some ok articles in there but nothing out of the ordinary.


I forgot to do proper pictures of the Crate itself, you can see it in the picture above, it has a really cool image on it and it is a step up in quality from former crates as this one is glossy.  If this is the new standard for the crate images then that will be another huge win for box collectors.

08Ok, so this is it then, Loot Crate June 2016 is actually pretty good if you ask me, at least by name. Fallout, Terminator 2, Bioshock and Matrix – all in one box, now that is epic if you ask me.

Look past the awful Fallout figurine, and enjoy the rest.

What will next month bring?

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