In Review: Loot Crate Subscription – October 2016


New month, new crate and it feels like Christmas still.


Semi-good expectations this time as i expect it to be Halloween oriented in some way or another, let’s hope there’s some scary stuff inside.


Woohoo!, i can spot The Walking Dead on the crate itself!.

The monthly t-shirt is on top as usual, and humm.. a plush toy?


OMG!, AWESOME T-SHIRT!, NEGAN shirt time!.

Finally a proper Walking Dead prop!.  This alone saves the crate for me!

What the hell, a Texas Chainsaw Massacre plushy?

Who the hell wants one of that? it looks like crap too.

I hated the original back in the day, and yes i watched some of its sequels but i fail to see why there’s merchandise of it.  

And now i realized why there was a plush texas chainsaw item.

Friday the 13th CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE banner thingy is the next item up, it is cool enough but totally useless, i like some of the old movies and to some, it is even a classic.

I guess this is not meant to be on a proper flagpole or whatever, hang it on the wall they say…right?  , but i think it will most likely go into someones drawer/cupboard for sure.


What? a full book inside a crate?

It’s Jon Morris’s Regrettable Supervillains….

The book is actually quite good albeit forgettable, but to the right person, this will be gold worth!. 

I know at least one person who would be very happy about getting one, so yup i will give it to him.

Nightmare on elm street merchandise! woohoo.

Chopsticks in a glove? sounds useless.

Looks amazing though, but nothing that i will ever use or anything.


Halloween merchandise!

The Loot pin this month is from John Carpenter’s Halloween, fits perfect to the theme of the month ” HORROR ” and even more because it is that month of the year.

Awesome looking pin!.


The crate itself this month is a zombie mask, really scary looking one too.

Will i wear it? nope… I’m ugly enough 😀

I hid this away really quick so that my son (7) didn’t see it, yup it is that scary.

This months leaflet/flyer thingy is nothing out of the ordinary really, good print as always but nothing that screams collect me or whatever.


That’s all folks, the picture above shows all of it in one picture as always.

Who would have thought that such a month would have sucked this bad?

05Worst month in a long time? yes I’d like to think that, the t-shirt is incredible indeed, but that is where it stops sadly.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre plush toy? , what the hell? had it been a figurine then it might have been a different story…

The franchises in this month are incredible, i mean, Friday The 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Walking Dead etc is exceptional but the stuff they used their name on is nothing less than some useless junk.

The only good thing about bad crates is that is it good freebies/giveaways so that means “you” (if a registered user) might get it in the post.   (Check your email guys).

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