The eleventh installment of this long-running saga was published a year ago and previewed here. At the beginning beat ’em ups where “just that:  games totally focused on 1 vs 1 combat. In the last years, to add a deeper background to the fighters and to keep players entertained for a longer time, a story mode was introduced. MK11 was no exception to this rule. Also, to extend the games’ life and to maximize the outcome of longer and longer development times, new players and skins were added as a DLC. Now, probably for the first time (at least, as far as I recall) a beat ’em received (besides the already published new characters) a full expansion in the form of a new story plot.

Aftermath (which requires the original MK11 game to be played) features a brand new story divided into 5 chapters, 3 new characters (RoboCop, Sheeva, and Fujin) and alternative non-lethal fatalities (actually Friendships) as seen in MK2. The original MK11 story featured 12 chapters but Ed Boon, the franchise creator, stated that chapters in this expansion are “meatier” than the original one, with a bigger focus on combat.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath was published last May 26th in digital delivery only. Make sure to grab a copy of it if you like the saga. I already did!

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