Despite I always thought (and I still do) that one has the right to enjoy his/her games, be them on consoles or PCs, I’m always so relieved when, after hearing the word “exclusive” I find out that it is referred to my beloved PS4. As posted here a while back, Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure title developed and produced by Sucker Punch. Such exclusive, originally scheduled for June 26th but now postponed to July 17th, it’s gonna be another juicy one, as you can see in the story trailer and gameplay trailer below.

Samurai and Ninja games are definitely my cup of tea and this one is no exception: not only it contains a compelling story but also it’s endless possibilities of customization (like, for example, the “Samurai Movie Mode” graphic filter) is really appealing.

Normally, I would end my article saying something like “July 17th can’t come soon enough”. This time though, albeit the former is definitely true, there’s also a certain “The Last of Us 2” approaching on the horizon. Too many games, so little time …

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