If some of you guys are craving for a new multiplayer experience here is something for you. Presented at the Gamescon a few months ago, this new installment of the Predator saga finally has a release date: April 24th, 2020.

Hunting Grounds is, obviously, based on asymmetric mechanics the will allow 5 players to play a match divided into two factions: the first is the 4-player team that cooperates to kill the Predator; the other is the Predator itself. As in other games of the genre, when playing as a human (in the team) you will use the first-person view; when playing as a Predator you’ll benefit from a third-person view instead.

Every time the match starts the human team gets an assignment: a different mission chosen among a bunch of predetermined tasks. An example of those is the classic: find a radar to locate a server, find the server and hack it, upload a virus … As far as the Predator goes, he seems to respawn at random points on the map, with no knowledge of which human mission he’s counteracting. Such a mechanic seems to bring more balance down to the game, something very much needed since the alien is really a tough beast. So …. are you ready for some BRUTAL multiplayer?

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Predator:Hunting Grounds

  1. “Looking forward to the new PS VR game”… yet you don’t blog about VR enough, IMHO 🙂
    Just finished playing (with an awful delay) the demo for Blood&Truth. It could be my kind of game…

    1. well… i try to focus on Amiga really and yes I love VR and play just about every game that get released for the platform but i always struggle to post about VR in general… hard to describe immersion and yes…. hmm.. screenshots is always annoying 😀

      btw, SKI JUMP VR was brilliant and one of the best games for me in VR this year… Blood and truth was brilliant too , a must have title.

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