It is that time of the year again when everyone, and his brother, try to fill your already crammed little house with any kind of unwanted stuff. If this wasn’t already exhausting by itself, today is Friday 13th of one of the worst periods in the last 100 years. Nonetheless, since I’ve always been on the optimistic side, I did find the right product for me. Last year was my good friend Tony to cheer me up with an Amiga calendar but this time I surely am better prepared for it: my fellow Commodore and Amiga friends, please welcome two brand new 2021 calendars, once again brought to us by the outstanding Martin Grundy.

As you can see by yourselves, I am now the proud owner of two calendars: the Amiga and C64 ones. As always, these two precious things are conceived around the concept to review, for every month, a corresponding smash hits of the same period, over 30 years ago.

Despite my bad pictures (time permitting, I’ll try to shoot better ones asap) the calendars are very well done, with nice (and evocative pictures), printed on quality paper and with a steel binding. In order to lift your attention without spoiling too much, I only took half of the pictures. I can assure you though that they are all worthy.

In the same way, the C64 calendar is awesome as well and it brings back so many memories. Actually, after looking at it I decided that my “good deed” for the year 2021 will be to play those games again month after month using Martin’s calendar as a personal agenda of things to do. I don’t know at this time if there still are copies left, but get in touch with Martin asap and secure your copy. You won’t regret it.

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