It’s Time To Defend The Swamp Again – Swamp Defense 2 –


Swamp Defense 2 Front Amiga


I wrote about Swamp Defense 2 a few weeks ago and it is not all that much more to write about actually other than that i finally received the boxed version today.

Collectibles on Amiga is far and between, everytime a new game pops up in my mailbox it feels like Christmas and even more so if the game is for free.

This time around i knew which games were coming as i already made sure i would get a copy and of course that i announced it on here too, so no secrets here really.

Entwickler-x was one of the first in a long, long time to bring proper boxed release games back to the Amiga, it might feel like it was a few months back but, it is actually 2 years now and the game was M.A.C.E.

Proper printed manual/inlay in full color and real cardboard paper, this ain’t home pressed for sure. CD print is also of excellent quality,  DVD case is of the cheaper kind (soft type, bendable) but still better than it could have been. (Do they even produce high-quality DVD boxes still? i have not seen them in ages at least…).

As for the game itself, i can’t produce proper screenshots for some reason (overlay i guess) but i will fill in some at a later point (when i have solved it).

Tower defense games ain’t my thing, i suck balls at them and to be honest, i have nothing to contribute with here other than it feels like other TD games and that it looks good.  TD games ain’t a common thing on the Amiga so these type of games are welcome.

The release is presented nicely with proper CD icon, proper looking menus, installer and so on, the first impression was good.

Achievements through the Amiboing server system is of course used in this game.

Online high score tables are another great bonus with Entwickler-x’s games.

Boxed releases make me happy and while the game might be pointless as a full CD release it is still great and it fits nicely in my game collection due to the print quality and so on.

Ok, i am off to play the game, again… (and suck at it).

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