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This is another prime example of how unfair the PSN Shop can be, Jimmie Johnson’s Anything With An Engine (from now: JJAWAE) is America exclusive and looks like it’s gonna stay like that forever, JJAWAE is another Mario Kart rip-off game but with a “fun” theme and the whole game is basically a just about using silly vehicles in races.

I decided to get this right after it’s release last year but i never got around to play it really, typical PSN culture for me today, buy 10 – play 1 and then wait 2 years before playing the 9 others.

My son found the game a while back and I and he have been playing it a bit, he loves it and i am having fun while playing it too although there are better Mario Kart clones out there. (Speed Freaks, Xtreme Racing, Sonic All-stars Racing 1 etc).

Check the video above for 2 player video of me and my son (5 years) causing havoc…

JJAWAE is one of those games that will most likely stay on my HDD forever, not because it is a good game but it’s one of those you play a bit and then take a couple weeks break and then return to.

Graphics works ok, no slowdowns and it does feel fast and controllable too, Music is so so.. , gameplay works great with enough side stuff to make the game worthwhile for many.

Second video here and this one is showing Single player events/Online…. (mostly me playing but my son too).

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