2015-03-01-113143It’s been a while now since i wrote about the WRC games and this is down to a few things, one of them being my Defiance hysteria in 2013 and another one being that i forgot all about both WRC4 games after that.

I recorded a video and wrote a small post about WRC4 when it came out on the PS3 back in 2013 and i did play the PS3 version quite a bit before i eventually just put it on hold.

This is the second WRC game on the Vita and while the first one (WRC3) got average scores at best i still found it to be a really good racing game and this new one is another good one too for sure even though it does feel a bit stale at times.


The engine for the game seems identical to the one used in WRC3 although i am not 100% sure as i have no way to compare results.

Handling is still arcadey and not a drop “serious” and this is probably the biggest difference between the PS3 and Vita version. Controls and physics make you want to push the game harder and it will eventually turn into a really fast-paced game as the game adopts the classes and cars nicely by changing tracks and upping the speed.

To my surprise, there’s a frame drop and some tear at times, but that’s only when you use the rewind button and that function is one i never use as it breaks the whole immersion in my opinion.


Say what you want but i think the game looks sweet for what it is, it is a fast racing game which aims at high fps and no slowdowns and it works.


This is a driving angle that i never use in Driving games but i have lots of friends who prefer this view for some reason.  Bumper view and cockpit view FTW!.

Music, menus and loading times are the same as before. Long loading times!.

Music is functional but after 10 hours of loading, it gets very old.

Menus are plain, works for what they’re meant to do but to me, they feel out of place now like the race calendar etc.

2015-03-01-113655 I have yet to try the online but i guess it is empty by now and guess i can kiss that Platinum trophy goodbye as there are a few online-only trophies in there.


The loading screens drag on for quite a while and these small infoboxes don’t help passing time either, they’re dull…

The best change in WRC 4 on the vita is that they included the Career mode this time around, WRC 3 on the Vita had no Career mode at all.

Another positive turn is that there is “still” no Ken Block styled missions either, this was also removed in WRC 4 on the PS4. Maybe they saw my review from WRC 3? that rant…that rant.

The odd thing is that there was no WRC 5 game released last year, it is unknown why they didn’t release one but i bet it is down to the fact that they didn’t have a PS4 and Xbone developer hardware yet.

And now the best surprise of all, 1 month ago BigBen! announced that a new WRC is due this year, WRC 5 and it is due this autumn and it is coming for both current gen and Next gen consoles, so let’s hope they turn out good.  i will most definitely grab the PS4 version!.


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2 thoughts on “Racing The Vita – WRC 4 –

  1. Current gen is Ps4, Next gen already out this year? :), Hopefully it’s better then the last in series 🙂

  2. actually yes technically speaking PS4 is current gen indeed but developers and publishers still say “the next generation” consoles so thats why i chose those words 🙂

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