Long Time Friends : Mortal Kombat Collector’s Edition

My fever for Special Editions actually started with this Mortal Kombat reboot. I have always been a fan of the saga, ever since I saw the arcade cabinet of MK inside a mid-western Texas cafeteria, but I never played it that much. Mortal Kombat is one of those games that can really be unforgiving, and I never had particular skills to beat a …. beat’em up!

Nonetheless, after few years of edulcorated contents, MK finally came back with a vengeance, returning to its roots.

This Collector Edition features a nice diorama in which Scorpion (creator Ed Boon’s preferred character) is kicking Sub-Zero ass big time.

Diorama - Posture Mortal Kombat

Diorama – Posture Mortal Kombat

The diorama is very detailed and fun to watch, even though it feels rather cheap at the touch since it is made in soft plastic which doesn’t really give justice to such a “dramatic” situation (IMO).

The collector’s edition also comes with a very nice artbook, containing not only “art” but also a brief description of how those results were achieved (developing processes, tools used etc), thus resulting in a more valuable product (again, IMO) compared to other artbooks of the same size.

The box also contains a steel case and various DLCs, mainly “classic” skins coming from the initial installments and ranging from MK to MK3.

Edit: My box also came with a bunch of glossy stat cards for each character in the game(s). (pictured below) ; ToAks.

Inlay for the character cards

Inlay for the character cards

And now, a final word from these two longtime friends …….


 Edit: Picture inserted. Steelcase shot coming asap; g0blin

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11 thoughts on “Long Time Friends : Mortal Kombat Collector’s Edition

  1. g0blin, do you still got the pictures for this article?

  2. Just checked… I found some of them, the others were lost in a hardware crash.

    I’ll try to fix the article asap. Right know I’m in deep trouble. My car broke down yesterday while returning home after visiting parents. I’m back at my place now, but the car remained at the assistance shop (300Km away), waiting for servicing ….

  3. oki, just wondering as i got the box too now so i could do pictures too if you want… that said, you had a nice “home made” one in here too if i remeber correctly.

    good luck with your car, hope everything is solved quickly for you.

  4. Ok, go ahead with the pictures, if you have time. I find the “home made” and I’ll send it via mail within minutes.

    Car has been fixed. I’ll get it back tomorrow.

  5. okidoki, will do some pictures tomorrow then (i am nightshift now)…

    it is the Kollector Edition right?

  6. Yep! 🙂

  7. Post fixed. I did not get a steelbook with my version so i wonder if there is 2 almost identical versions out there (region based?)

  8. Steelbook shot g0blin? , do one 🙂

  9. Roar Tjørhom

    Ja, likte IKKE mattespørsmålet! hehe..neida! Gode poeng som vanlig i denne artikkelen! 😉 Ha en super helg!

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