What’s worst than taking your wife out for shopping? Well, going shopping for yourself at the same time, for example.
And so it happened …. My wife decided that she needed a new dress that day, and I didn’t know what to do to kill some time. I so entered a game store, looking for something to buy in return. My son wanted to play “Alice: Madness returns” (rather gory for his age), while I was looking for “Catherine” instead. I knew I also wanted to buy “Arkham City” but, for some reason, I had totally overlooked the collector’s edition.

But there it was, calling me with all its might.

Was it for the awesome action figure? You could really feel the Batman inside it, vigilant and unforgiving.

Was it for the splendid artbook? Damn, I would pay to have those drawing skills!

Was it for the additional maps or the soundtrack? Nah … but that exclusive DLC with a playable Catwoman was really appealing.

Was it for the bonus Blue Ray disks full of Batman cartoons? Not the “classic” ones this time, but high-quality products also produced by Japanese artists and featuring a clearly defined anime style.

Or was it for all of it?

That day I shopped like I meant it. Unfortunately, so did my wife!

Breaking news: that’s why Batman is always on the watch!
Note: This concludes the “Amiga themed” comics session, started on post#181 and continued on post#184…… well until I get my hands on Arkham Origins.

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