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How many times have you guys heard something like that?
How many times have you wondered if that statement was true or it just was a problem of oversized … ego?
Do sizes really matter?
Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and I cannot carry bulky stuff, but I believe sizes don’t make the difference. Small is fine if it’s cute and you can find a proper place for it.

Now, before someone out there closes this blog, ranking it for adults only, I must say out loud that I am referring to video games and Limited Edition gadgets.

As a matter of fact, these thoughts came to me all of a sudden a few days ago, while I was trying to fit Batman: Arkham Knight LE on the shelf where I keep all my figurines.
This shelf holds many things, from robots (mainly Go Nagai stuff) to starships (Star Wars X-Wing, Space 1999 Eagle Transporter and Battlestar Galactica MK1 Viper) to videogames themed action figures.

DSCN2858 DSCN2859

It was while I was wiping off some dust from  Scorpion vs Sub-Zero” diorama (Mortal Kombat 9) that I realized how big it seemed to me when I got it four years ago, and how small it instead is when compared to Scorpion from MK X (which, in turn, is actually even bigger than the already huge Injustice LE figurine).

DSCN2860 FSCN2863

Said diorama looks small even compared to Snow from FF13, Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Aiden Pearce from Watch_Dogs.


Despite this evidence, it was only when I moved to the Batman series that I realized I probably got enough of this stuff!
If the gadget from Arkham City was just a fine gem, the one found inside Origins (albeit a true masterpiece) was starting to get too much in the way.

So what about Arkham Knight? Well, I actually intended to get the Batmobile Edition, but I reverted to the “usual” (although beautiful) Batman figurine when the Batmobile Edition was cancelled.

So where is the problem, you may ask?

Here it is! This thing is so BIG that you could fit it in the main square in your hometown!
Or, since it has lights, you could put it on a cliff before the sea and use it as a lighthouse!
I actually considered putting it on my nightstand and using it as a lamp, but I fear it may just crash its legs.

If you don’t believe me, just see by yourself!


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9 thoughts on “Mine Is Bigger Than Yours! – Collectibles

  1. HAH! awesome size i’d say!.
    Mine might not be as big but it is cute as hell is just something your momma would say :-p

    Fantastic collection there, i wish you had a better camera though 🙂

    Ps: funny opening, i lolled:)

  2. I told you you would have liked the upcoming post! 😉

    Glad you liked the collection as well. I still have so much stuff I have to put on that shelf, but I can never find the time. I guess I should do an “Off Topic” about robots and ships (most of them manga/anime related).

    As for the camera … shame on me! I will have to do something about that real soon. 🙁


  3. haha, if it had not been on this blog then i would have thought i had clicked on a wrong link 😀

    cool collection there m8, never been into figurines until lately so now i have huge regrets for not buying all them collections.

    i saw a post that The Last Of Us figurine goes for 1400 USD at the moment :O (ebay)

  4. Nice!
    You would earn more hits if you tag all figurines:). I found this blog because of tag 🙂

    Amigawhat i said:)

  5. @Slimjim
    Thanks for the advice. The blog underwent many changes and we are repopulating old posts with pictures that got lost during fixes.

    Il sure tag the article mores, since there are many articles on collectibles here.

    Best regards

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