OMG I JUST SHIT MY PANTS! – P.T. – Project Teaser By Kojima


First of all, sorry for being so late with this article. i have just been too busy and lazy at the same time to put up an article about the most surprising game ever this year.. last years biggest surprise was The Last Of Us and this seems to be just as groundbreaking and awesome as TLOU… or maybe not. time will tell.
P.T. stands for Project Teaser and i had no idea what the hell it was and i have a feeling no one did and by now people know what this teaser was all about and that was that Kojima and Del Toro is making a Silent Hill game, yes exactly my thoughts too, AWESOME!.
The dev names and producers etc was not known until someone had completed the teaser/game and it surprised the hell out of everyone.
I wanted to record myself playing the game and for some reason i could not record my own twitch stream overlay anymore (did Sony remove it in the latest FW???), I am sorry to say but yes you will not be able to see my reactions in the video below but if it helps… i was so scared that i had to switch the game off, several times!.

There’s only 1 game that has scared me this much before and that was Forbidden Siren 2 / Blood Siren and i have played basically every horror game out there, well at least for consoles anyway.
The mood and setting in the game are just amazing, i had no idea what was gonna happen all the time but i did know that something would happen!.

This has to be the best teaser ever made and i hope that the upcoming game will be similar but who knows… they might turn it into another third person Silent Hill game with tons of fog and nothing like this hall runner repeater teaser.
Check the Video below guys, you’re gonna love it!.

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